How Umbrellar
Supports Our

Our Resellers are our Partners.

As an Umbrellar Reseller, you are our partner. We do not compete with our partners in the I.T. business. Instead, we support and help you so you can achieve brilliant things with the Microsoft Cloud.

The more our partners are empowered, the more value they can add to their customers.

Here’s how we will support you, your customers, and your profitability via our CSP Reseller Programme.

Microsoft Through and Through

We are New Zealand’s leading Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider. Everything we do is in partnership with our ecosystem of service providers.

Commercial Value

Leveraging our extensive ecosystem creates outstanding lead-generation opportunities for our resellers.


We support our Resellers in the initial phase of winning new business by offering pre-sales and technical support and after-sales support to ensure a smooth delivery.

Opportunities for Collaboration

Our ecosystem connects you with other companies with complementary skillsets, opening new avenues for collaboration.

Some of the Ways We Help our Resellers Succeed:

24/7 Support

We’re here when you and your customers need us. Raise an issue with a service and we’ll respond 24/7/365. Charges may apply.

Industry Events

We host industry and technical events to drive lead generation.

Deeper Engagement

We work closely with our core group of resellers, enabling deeper engagement across their business to help them grow.

Marketing Support

Our Resellers gain access to marketing development funds, training, product and technology updates, marketing and sales development sessions.

Helping Make NZ Business Brilliant

Umbrellar and hairyLemon. Helping Christchurch recover.

Helping Make NZ Business Brilliant

The Umbrellar story. Umbrellar and Microsoft.